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Pest Control of Newport Beach prides itself in having some of the best Newport Beach bed bug exterminators. It appears that Newport Beach bed bug infestations are on an upswing. We aren’t precisely sure why there is a surge of bed bugs in Newport Beach, but it’s likely caused by a lot more people purchasing used furniture from Craigslist and unintentionally bringing these bed bugs home.

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We think we can all agree that bed bugs are absolutely revolting and no one likes them. Bed bugs will make their presence known in a way that makes it impossible to ignore them. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you.

Bed bugs feed on humans by piercing the skin with what’s called a stylet. It sounds disgusting, but the bed bug will use this stylet to saw through the tissue to find blood vessels. The bed bug will then suck the blood of the human for 5 to ten minutes before returning to its hiding place. This area where he bed bug has fed will usually swell up and itch quite a bit.

It’s often difficult to detect Newport Beach bed bugs. They will primarily hide in the cracks around your bed and lay their eggs within the seams of the bed. You will be aware if you have bed bugs either from the bite marks and swelling, or from your bedsheets. Also, if you notice blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you need to call us at 949-612-9756 right away. You should not sleep in your home if you think that you’ve got a bed bug infestation.

You should contact our Newport Beach bed bugs pros if you think that you have a bed bug problem. If you want the most effective bed bugs solution in Newport Beach, then you definitely should call Pest Control of Newport Beach today!

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