Nov 172013
newport beach ant control

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There is no individual who desires getting ants in their family’s house. Pest Control of Newport Beach can help you with ant extermination for the Newport Beach and region. There many different types of ants you might be having. Ant problems in Newport Beach can take on numerous forms.

Sugar ants are actually a common pest around the Newport Beach region and we have spray-treated a large number of properties lately regarding sugar ants. Most ants are typically harmless however they’re annoying and irritating because they are tiny and typically show up in massive numbers as opposed to just a single ant. This fact only increases the annoyance of home owners and retail store remedies only work to an extent.

Should you want extensive, efficient resolution from the pesky ants you’ll want to call our Newport Beach ant control technicians. Before you hire any Newport Beach exterminator to remove your ant invasion contact us at 949-612-9756 to learn what to look for when hiring a Newport Beach pest control company.

Oct 282011
newport beach tick control

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Pest Control of Newport Beach offers exterminator services to help with Newport Beach ticks.  Ticks are little arachnids that are parasites. Ticks eat on the blood of mammals and sometimes reptiles.  Ticks host lots diseases including Lyme disease, Q fever, and many other diseases. Tick eggs may be contaminated at birth causing instant ability to infect their host.

Unfortunately, tick bites are usually pain-free, which means they will be hard to detect. You might not be aware of when the tick is feeding on you.  Most individuals will not show signs and symptoms from a tick bite.  But this doesn’t imply that they aren’t spreading disease.

If you are suffering from ticks contact us as soon as possible.  We can treat your Ticket issues immediately!  Contact Pest Control of Newport Beach for Newport Beach Tick removal.

Jul 182011
newport beach spider control

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Many people are afraid of spiders. However, spiders can be helpful due to their role as predators of insects.  In most cases, spiders are harmless to humans. The only harmful spider that that you can find in Newport Beach is the black widow.

In most cases, venomous spiders like the black widow aren’t going to be in your home. When they are found in homes they are found in dark areas such as garages, basements and closets. More commonly, people in Newport Beach find black widows in wood piles. In order to protect yourself, please ensure that members of your family always put gloves on when reaching into dark areas. As you’re probably aware, black widows are distinguished by its black body and red hourglass. If you see one of these in or around your home or business you should call us at 949-612-9756 or phone another Newport Beach spider control expert immediately.

Newport Beach Black Widow Removal & Extermination

No matter if you have harmless or poisonous spiders, we want to help you remove the spiders so that your family is safe and happy. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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